Discovering the Hidden Treasures Surrounding Počitelj

An Insider’s Journey of Discovery


Beyond Počitelj’s charming cobblestone streets lies a whole world of adventure just waiting to be uncovered. Come along with us on a journey to some of my favorite hidden gems that this magical region has to offer!


Our first stop is the enchanting city of Mostar, with its iconic Stari Most bridge arching over the shimmering Neretva River. Get lost wandering the cobbled alleys, maze-like bazaar stalls, and Ottoman-era architecture. Stop to watch divers bravely plummet 24 meters from the bridge into the icy waters below. The view from the hilltop fortress ruins is second to none – take in the panorama of terracotta rooftops dotted with minarets that pierce the skyline. Savor a plate of ćevapi sausage or the stuffed grape leaves called dolma. As the evening call to prayer echoes through the streets, watch the last rays of sun illuminate the ancient bridge and the surrounding valley. Mostar entrances you with its deep history and culture. View pictures from our recent trip to Mostar.

Mostar Visit Bosnia Offers Pocitelj
Dubrovnik Pocitelj Transfer Bosnia Croatia


Next, we’ll head up the coast to Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic” encircled by mighty medieval walls and towers. Walk along the polished limestone streets lined with Baroque buildings; stop into hidden wine cellars for a glass of local malvazija white. Take the cable car up Mount Srd for views of the dazzling blue sea dotted with forested islands. The sapphire waters beckon – charter a boat to sandy Lokrum Island and delve into the exotic botanical gardens once enjoyed by royalty. Hiking the city ramparts at sunset, watching iron-red sun dip into the sea, is an experience you’ll cherish forever. Dubrovnik envelops you beauty and romance. Dubrovnik is not only a stunning coastal city but also the real-life King’s Landing from the hit TV series “Game of Thrones.”
Dubrovnik – Pocitelj drive is about 2h

The Tekke, a Dervish monastery

Further inland lies the tranquil Blagaj Tekke monastery, seemingly growing out of the sheer cliff face beside it. Its teal waters magically spring forth right from the mountain itself! Enjoy the soothing sound of rushing water paired with birdsong in this peaceful oasis. Taste the pure, refreshing water and you’ll soon find yourself planning a return trip. Legend promises that drinking from the cave spring will bring you back to Blagaj someday.

Blagaj Tekke Dervish Monastery

Kravice Waterfalls

 Up for some adventure? Make your way to Kravice Waterfalls, a natural wonder spilling into an emerald lagoon straight out of paradise. Bring your swimsuit and leap into the perfectly crisp, cascading waters for an exhilarating swim surrounded by dense rainforest. Watch your step on the slippery moss-covered rocks and keep an eye out for miniature rainbows in the mist. From the swinging rope swing to picnic areas tucked into the forest, Kravice offers fun for all.

Hutovo Blato

For wildlife lovers, Hutovo Blato is an ornithologist’s paradise. Glide along channels of crystal clear water in a small wooden boat, guided by an expert birder. Keep your eyes peeled for over 240 species of native and migratory birds that thrive in this marshy habitat. In the grassy meadows, you might spot wild horses grazing by blooming water lilies as dragonflies buzz past. The reserve is a paradise for nature lovers, with its picturesque landscape of lush marshlands, shallow lakes, and dense forests. Home to more than 240 bird species, Hutovo Blato is a birdwatcher’s dream come true. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a nature lover, or just looking for a peaceful retreat, Hutovo Blato is a must-visit destination.

Visit Hutovo Blato Bosnia Pocitelj
Butmir Sarajevo Bosnia Ancient Culture

Butmir – Portal to Prehistory

Travel even further back in time at Butmir, home to a Neolithic culture dating from 4500 to 3500 BCE. Their skilled artistry comes to life in intricate ceramic vessels painted with graphic designs. Copper axes, jewelry, and farming tools provide insights into everyday life thousands of years ago. Visit Butmir’s archaeological park to walk where ancient peoples once lived and glimpse the very origins of civilization in this region. Piecing together the fragments of the past, we marvel at the ingenuity and vision of our ancestors who built the foundation for the world we know. The distant past becomes real at Butmir.

Rich History Unveiled: From Neolithic Settlements to Roman Spas and Medieval Fortresses

Bosnia’s ancient past comes alive at archaeological sites dotting the region. Visit Badanj Cave to see Neolithic engravings dating back over 12,000 years! Kakanj reveals traces of Bronze Age Illyrian settlements. At Aquae Sulphurae, visualize Roman aristocrats bathing in the medicinal springs. Medieval Visoki and Bobovac fortresses seem frozen in time.

Perhaps most poignant are the ornately carved stećak tombstones of Radimlja, each bearing silent witness to a medieval life. Let your imagination wander through the centuries as you explore Bosnia’s hidden history. With each newly discovered artifact, we come closer to completing the human story.

ancient history trip Bosnia
Vjetrenica Caves, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the largest cave systems in the world.

Vjetrenica Caves – Adventure Awaits Underground

For an underground adventure, make your way just outside of Počitelj to Vjetrenica Caves, the largest cave system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Descend into darkness, venturing over 6 kilometers into chambers untouched by sunlight. Traverse rickety walkways, pass still pools of crystal water, and marvel at rock formations sculpted over millennia.

Legend says the cave is home to mysterious creatures like the winged bat and Zmijanje snake from local mythology. Keep your flashlight and hardhat close as you follow narrow passageways to plunging abysses over 300 meters deep. Vjetrenica offers a glimpse into an ancient, hidden world. Just be ready for the steep climb back out to daylight! Learn more about Vjetrenica Cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Explore the endless wonders of Počitelj region

The region surrounding Počitelj is a treasure trove of fascinating attractions and natural beauty that caters to everyone’s preferences. Travelers can delve into the rich history and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nature enthusiasts can explore breathtaking caves, nature parks, crystal-clear rivers, High mountains and breathtaking Adriatic sea coast. Adventurous souls can challenge themselves by hiking, mountaineering, or skiing in the mountains surrounding Počitelj during the winter months. And for a taste of the local culture, visitors can savor traditional Bosnian cuisine, enjoy live music performances, or participate in local festivals and celebrations. With so much to see and do, the surrounding area of Počitelj promises endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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Sarajevo to Pocitelj

Sarajevo, “Jerusalem of Europe”

Our final stop is the bustling capital of Sarajevo. Meander through cobblestoned alleys filled with museums, mosques, and merchant stalls. Sip velvety Bosnian coffee from a copper cezve pot and nibble syrupy baklava studded with pistachios. Listen to the Islamic call to prayer intermingling with cathedral bells – a testament to Sarajevo’s rich multicultural history. As evening sets in, join friendly locals flocking the cafés and restaurants along the Miljacka River. The aroma of grilled ćevapi and other Balkan specialties fills the air as you toast to new friendships and unforgettable memories. The city is also famous for the Latin Bridge, where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria took place, triggering World War I. Sarajevo hosted winter Olympics and Sarajevo had first electric tram in Europe, 2nd in the world after San Francisco.

From ancient fortresses to thundering cascades, untouched nature to buzzing urban energy – the treasures surrounding Počitelj await your discovery. Let your inner explorer take the lead on this Balkan adventure! Does this spark your wanderlust? I’d love to be your guide to this region’s beauty.



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